No client data is saved by WEBGAP.

The beauty of WEBGAP is that the client avoids data collection, as well as cyber threats, when they are interacting with the browser. However, while the client is logged into WEBGAP and using the browser, cookies are collected. This is typical for functionality, and all cookies collected disappear completely when the client logs out of WEBGAP. This is the only type of data collection that occurs, and this only occurs while a client is logged in and actively interacting with a browser through WEBGAP.

WEBGAP will never check your usage, data, cookies, session, or anything of the sort. Browser sessions cease to exist once the client logs out of WEBGAP, and the WEBGAP team will never check a browser session.

Keep in mind that there are some sites that will keep user activity, regardless of logging into a remote browser. When using credentials to get into a site, the client will then be directed to that site's servers and actions/interactions can be saved on that site's servers only (not WEBGAP's). For example, if a client logs into a social media site through WEBGAP, as soon as they enter their credentials they are using that specific site's servers and their personal profile on that specific site. This means any post, like, or further action on that social media site will be saved to the site's servers. Once they log out of the social media site and go back to the remote browser, they will be back on WEBGAP servers where no interaction data is kept.

WEBGAP will never check your usage, meaning WEBGAP will never check your credentials either. Anytime a user enters a different site through WEBGAP, they are doing so privately. Credentials are not saved, monitored, or logged by WEBGAP in any way.

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