WEBGAP Offers three types of accounts, WEBGAP Go, WEBGAP Pro, and WEBGAP Whoah!

WEBGAP Go is our single user account. WEBGAP hosts this account on our cloud and servers and manage the account. WEBGAP Go Includes:
A multi-tenant public cloud
Monthly subscription
Ticket support

WEBGAP Pro is our big business and enterprise accounts. This option would be for those with more complex use cases and configuration requirements. WEBGAP Pro Includes:
A single-tenant private cloud
Annual Pricing Plans
Integration and Customization
User Administration Control (Admin control over users)
Custom Domain and IP Address
Tech support
Between $2-$8/user/month

WEBGAP Whoah! is for big businesses and enterprises accounts that would like to host WEBGAP Tech on their own cloud and servers. WEBGAP Whoah! includes:
On-site deployment and instructions to host on your own servers.
Full administrative control (Admin control over users, customizations & configurations, etc.).
No tech support.
First 5 users free, then $1/user/month

If you have any further questions or would like to talk to a WEBGAP representative about these options, please email us at info@webgap.io.
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